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The Artfuly Story

In 2008 Artfuly was the idea of a young web designer and art lover called Rachael. 

All the art sites around at that time had terrible designs, with tiny thumbnails showing only partial artworks. To find the size or other details, one had to click in several times and click out again - there was no way to view the art by size, colour, style or price i.e. To quickly curate a suitable selection of art to match what the browser was looking for.  Also street galleries were typicall charging 50% commissions and it's very difficult for artists to be accepted and shown.

The dream was to put original art on walls instead of Ikea stock photography starting from around the same price from exciting, original emerging artists.

The ethos was to provide a quick and affordable way for artists to get online and reach wide audiences with ecommerce service and door to door delivery arranged for them. 

For buyers who knew what they wanted, Artfuly would allowthem to be able to quickly curate a selection of original art for a specific space and buy from a trusted business, rather than send large amounts to overseas artists. 

So in Jan 2012, rachael, a budding UX Consultant started